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Making Each Day Count


Making Each Day Count

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Samling - Our Global PArtner


We collaborated with the global giant - Samling Group - to become a leading multinational company in the region.

At a Glance

  • Established in 1963 and headquartered in Sarawak, Malaysia, Samling Group has more than 20,000 worldwide dedicated employees across their international footprint.
  • Manages 50 billion square meters of forest.
  • Samling Global annual turnover of 2014-2015: about 600 Million USD.
  • Publicly listed in Hongkong, China, Taiwan and Malaysia Stock Market.
  • Integrated business from forest management downstream to material and finished products.


Al Haya Al Jameela Group (AHAJ), established in 2011, is a multidivisional conglomerate, continuously developing and improving its resources, services and capabilities to meet the needs and demands of our clients and partners in the market.

Since its inception, we have experienced phenomenal growth on account of quality of its good and services. At AHAJ, our main objective is to improve quality of life, as we continue to expand substantially.


Under the alliance of Samling Group and AHAJ Group , Elegant Living is established as an integrated forest resources and wood products company in the regions, where we operate.

Elegant Living is one of the most leading groups of flooring manufacturers in the world in terms of production capacity and upgraded technology, manufacturing products that meet the highest requirements in terms of design, comfort and best quality.

Commitment Quality Trust


From Responsible Forestry to Zero Tolerance on Plastics, the AHAJ Group is committed to meet changing consumer preferences, support healthier lifestyles and positive living, and care for the environment and communities where we deal with.

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